Help us fulfill our mission to promote, preserve, & celebrate Waxahachie's historic Chautauqua Auditorium and Waxahachie's Chautauqua Heritage of culture and education. 

Hospitality Team:    Help provide a warm welcome to guests at our events by staffing the Welcome Table,  greet visitors,  assist the speakers and presenters with their needs, set up and put away materials: flexible time during the event - usually 1-2 hours

Administrative and Office Support Team:   Help the Chautauqua run smoothly by assisting with clerical functions, assist in maintaining the database & membership roster, assist with mailings, assist with preparation or writing of the newsletter: time flexible

Social Media and Webpage Team:   Help keep Chautauqua’s awareness in the community by assisting with monitoring and responding to social media, posting Chautauqua events and relevant comments to social media, assist in maintaining the website: time flexible

Community Outreach Team:   Help get the word out about the Chautauqua mission and activities, staff organization booth at community events: flexible time during the event: usually 1-2 hours

Marketing and Promotion Team:   Help us promote the Chautauqua through advertising , help find marketing opportunities, assist in design of flyers, brochures and ads, generate artwork, coordinate printing with print shop, assist with printed programs for events;  Coordinate with Social Media Team & Program Team: time flexible

Fundraising Team:    Help us to keep the Chautauqua strong with financial support activities, assist with member-ship campaign, assist with securing corporate and individual support for events, programs, etc.: time flexible

Event Support Team:   Assist with organizing and planning events, assist in planning fall Assembly (major event), assist in planning other smaller events, membership event, etc, assist with finding volunteers for the various tasks at events: time flexible

Program Team:   Assist in providing strong programs by identifying program ideas, speakers, presenters, exhibits for the Assembly, assist in identifying programs and speakers for other events, assist in preparing printed programs booklets for the events: time flexible

Technical Support Team:   Help us keep events running smoothly by assisting with set-up and operation of A/V equipment at events: time would be duration of event or part of the event -  usually 1-2 hours

To inquire about volunteering for the Chautauqua,
contact Maureen Moore at 972-937-8887 or